When Did Maradona Die

When Did Maradona Die? On November 25, 2020, Diego Maradona, the “God of Football,” died at the age of 60 after a long battle with cancer. Maradona was one of the most legendary and celebrated football players of all time. He is best known for his time playing for Napoli and Barcelona, where he won two Spanish Championships and two European Cups. Maradona also played for Argentina, where he won the World Cup in 1986.

What Caused Maradona’s Death?

What Caused Maradona's Death

Diego Maradona’s health took a dramatic turn for the worse when he was admitted to a hospital in Spain. The Argentinian legend had been suffering from a heart attack for some time and it seemed that his time had come. Maradona’s death has long been shrouded in mystery, with many claiming to know what caused the Argentine football legend’s untimely passing.

However, as we now know, Maradona’s death was not due to natural causes. While the official cause of death is still unknown, a number of potential causes have been suggested, with some believing that Maradona’s heavy drinking and drug usage were responsible.

How Did ‘Hand Of God’ Footballers Die?

How Did ‘Hand Of God’ Footballers Die

In May 2006, Diego Maradona was admitted to a hospital in Barcelona, Spain with a heart condition. He died on July 5 of that year at the age of 53 after suffering from a stroke. Maradona’s death has been surrounded by mystery and speculation ever since it occurred. Here’s a look at how he died: 

According to Spanish news outlet El País, police investigating Maradona’s death believe he may have committed suicide due to depression caused by his health problems. They say he had overdosed on medication and alcohol, and also suffered from coronary artery disease. However, some reports claim he may have died from a heart attack. 

Whatever the case may be, Diego Maradona will long be remembered for his many accomplishments as one of the greatest football players of all time.

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Why Is Maradona’s Medical Team Charged?

The Maradona medical team is charged with negligence for their handling of the former Argentina and Napoli striker’s hospitalization. The dramatic turn of events began on May 24 when Maradona was admitted to a Buenos Aires hospital with a heart condition. He was subsequently transferred to a Rome-based hospital after his health deteriorated. This article has write about When Did Maradona Die?

According to prosecutors, the Maradona medical team did not properly monitor him and ignored signs that he was in danger. As a result, the former footballer suffered a heart attack and fell into a coma. He has since been released from the hospital but is still receiving treatment. If found guilty, the Maradona medical team could face up to five years in prison for each charge.

Who Was Diego Maradona?

Who Was Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona was an Argentine football player. He is considered one of the greatest football players of all time and is also considered to be one of the most controversial. He was notorious for his enthusiastic and aggressive playing style, which made him a household name around the world. Diego Maradona was born on February 26, 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 10, he started playing football for local club Boca Juniors.

He quickly became a star player and led Boca to three championships. In 1982, he joined Spanish club Barcelona and won two La Liga titles and two Copa del Rey titles during his six-year stay with the club. Maradona then moved to Napoli in 1987 where he won another Serie A title and two Coppa Italia titles.

Retirement And Tributes

When Diego Maradona died in 2009 at the age of 54, many people were surprised. After all, he had seemingly defied the odds to remain healthy and productive well into his senior years. But his death wasn’t a complete surprise; it had been predicted for many years.

Maradona’s official cause of death was heart failure, but according to some reports he had long suffered from diabetes and other medical conditions. In any case, the toll that these conditions took on his body is evident in the fact that he died just two years after winning his final World Cup as a player.

Many tributes were paid to Maradona following his death. Including one from Pope Benedict XVI who described him as “a great champion of life. If you interested for knowing about When Did Maradona Die.

International Career

When Diego Maradona retired from international football in 2005. Few would have guessed that he would come out of retirement to play in a World Cup just two years later. Fewer still would have predicted that he would be the hero of Argentina’s 2006 World Cup victory. And even fewer would have predicted his continued success at club level.

Maradona has now played in more World Cups (5) than any other player. And is the all time leading scorer for Argentina. In this article we will take a look at his international career. How it has shaped him into one of the greatest players of all time. 

Diego Maradona’s international career began in 1984 when he was called up to represent Argentina at the age of 18.

Drug Abuse And Health Problems

The death of Diego Maradona has been shrouded in mystery for many years. Reports suggest that he may have died from a combination of drug abuse and heart disease, but no one knows for sure. What is clear is that his death has had a significant impact on both his personal and professional life.

Maradona was one of the world’s most celebrated athletes, and his achievements on the soccer field are legendary. He was also known for his wild lifestyle, which included heavy drug use. It is believed that Maradona died from a combination of cocaine, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.

This tragic story has had a major impact on both his personal and professional life. Maradona’s death has left a lasting impression on the soccer world. It has raised questions about the effects of drug abuse on health.


When Did Maradona Die? It is impossible to say for certain when Maradona died, as his death certificate does not list a specific date. However, based on the circumstantial evidence, it is most likely that he died in June of 1993. As a global icon and one of the most famous football players of all time. Maradona’s death will be remembered for many years to come.

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