Ohio State Football Recruiting News 2017

Ohio State football recruiting news 2017 is a powerhouse in college football, consistently ranked among the top teams in the nation. A key factor to their success has been their ability to recruit elite talent from all over the country. As we approach the 2017 season, Ohio State Football fans are eager to know what players they can expect to see on the field and how these new recruits will contribute to the team’s success.

In this article, we will provide you with all of the latest Ohio State Football recruiting news for 2017. From highly-touted high school prospects committing to play for Ohio State, to updates on current Buckeye commits and targets, we’ve got you covered.

Did Ohio State’s 2017 recruiting class live up to the hype?

Ohio State’s 2017 recruiting class was touted as one of the best in recent memory. It featured a plethora of high-profile recruits, including future NFL stars like Chase Young and Jeff Okudah. However, now that some time has passed since that class signed on with the Buckeyes. Many are wondering whether or not it lived up to its lofty expectations.

On paper, Ohio State’s 2017 recruiting class was absolutely stacked. It included seven five-star prospects and 14 four-star prospects, making it one of the most highly-rated classes in school history. Many experts predicted that this group would go on to dominate college football for years to come.

Despite all of that hype, however, the results have been somewhat mixed thus far. While players like Young and Okudah have certainly lived up to their billing as top-tier talents, others haven’t

quite panned out yet.

How did it compare to other top programs?

When it comes to the world of college football recruiting, few programs are as storied and consistently successful as Ohio State. Year in and year out, the Buckeyes bring in some of the most talented high school players from around the country. Building a foundation for future success that is unrivaled by many of their peers.

But how does Ohio State’s recruiting strategy compare to other top programs across the country? With 2017 marking yet another impressive year on the trail for head coach Urban Meyer and his staff, many are wondering whether or not this successful trend will continue into the future. And with so many other elite programs vying for similar talent pools each and every year. There’s no doubt that Ohio State has its work cut out for them if they hope to stay at the top.

What  is Ohio State Football Recruiting News 2017

The Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team is one of the most successful college football programs in history. With a long tradition of excellence, they are always looking for top-notch talent to add to their already impressive roster. The 2017 recruiting season is shaping up to be another banner year for the program with numerous highly touted prospects considering a commitment to the Buckeyes.

Head Coach Urban Meyer and his staff have been busy scouring the country for the best high school football players. They have already gained commitments from some top-ranked prospects including five-star defensive tackle Taron Vincent and four-star quarterback Emory Jones. However, there are still several highly sought-after recruits who may choose Ohio State as their college destination.

The recruitment process can be unpredictable. But Ohio State fans are eagerly anticipating any news about new additions to their team.

A brief overview of the Ohio State football program and the significance of recruiting news

Ohio State football program is one of the most prestigious collegiate athletic programs in the country and has a storied history dating back to 1890. The Buckeyes have been consistently successful in their conference and have won numerous national championships. Their success on the field can be attributed to their ability to attract top-tier talent through their recruiting efforts.

Recruiting news for Ohio State football in 2017 has been significant. As they landed some of the nation’s best high school prospects. With Urban Meyer at the helm, the Buckeyes have become known for their ability to recruit elite athletes from all over the country. This year was no exception, as they secured commitments from highly sought-after recruits such as Jeffrey Okudah. Baron Browning, and Wyatt Davis.

The significance of recruiting news cannot be overstated when it comes to college football programs like Ohio State.

Ohio State Football Recruiting Class of 2017

The Ohio State Buckeyes are one of the most storied programs in college football history. And their recruiting success is a major reason why. The Buckeyes have consistently been able to attract top talent from across the country, and their 2017 recruiting class was no exception.

With 21 commitments, including four five-star recruits and 14 four-star recruits, Ohio State’s 2017 recruiting class was ranked second in the nation by both Rivals and ESPN. Headlined by defensive end Chase Young and cornerback Jeffrey Okudah. This group of young players has the potential to be one of the best in program history.

In addition to their impressive on-field abilities, many of these recruits also excel academically. Several members of the class earned academic honors during their high school careers and are expected to continue that success at Ohio State.

Overview of the class and its ranking nationally and within the Big Ten

Ohio State Football’s 2017 recruiting class is one of the best in the nation. The Buckeyes secured a total of 21 commitments, including seven 5-star recruits and thirteen 4-star recruits. This class was ranked as the second-best nationally and first within the Big Ten, according to ESPN’s rankings.

Leading the pack of this exceptional recruiting class is defensive end Chase Young from Maryland. Young was considered as one of the best players in his position, earning him a spot at the top of Ohio State’s list. Another notable recruit was cornerback Jeffrey Okudah from Texas. They also received high praise for his tackling skills and agility on-field performance.

Overall, this class shows that Ohio State Football remains one of the most dominant programs in college football today. The program continues to attract top-tier talent from all over America with its outstanding track record for developing NFL-ready players.

Key players and positions of strength

The Ohio State football program has long been known for its recruiting prowess. Consistently landing some of the top high school prospects in the country. The 2017 recruiting class was no exception, with several key players joining the Buckeyes’ ranks. One position that stood out as a strength in this class was the defensive end.

Leading the charge at the defensive end was Chase Young. A five-star prospect and one of the highest-rated recruits in the entire 2017 class. At 6’5″ and 251 pounds, Young possesses exceptional size and athleticism, allowing him to dominate opposing offensive linemen. Alongside Young is Jonathon Cooper, another highly-touted recruit who brings a quick first step and relentless motor to Ohio State’s defense.

Another position group that saw significant talent added in this recruiting cycle was wide receiver.

Top Recruits

Ohio State football has always been known to produce some of the finest players in college football. The Buckeyes have a rich legacy in the sport and are known for their excellent recruiting tactics. With the 2017 season approaching, Ohio State’s recruitment efforts have been nothing short of impressive.

The Buckeyes have managed to land some of the top recruits in the country, including cornerback Jeffrey Okudah. Offensive tackle Josh Myers, and defensive end Chase Young. These players are all expected to make an immediate impact on the team and help Ohio State compete at a high level this season. 

Ohio State’s success on the recruiting trail can be attributed to its coaching staff’s hard work and dedication. Head coach Urban Meyer has proven time and time again that he is one of the best recruiters in college football, consistently bringing in top talent year after year.

Recruiting Process

As the Ohio State Buckeyes prepare for another promising football season, their recruiting efforts have been nothing short of spectacular. The coaching staff has been aggressively pursuing top recruits in every position to build a championship team that can compete at the highest level. With several talented players committing to Ohio State, expectations are high for the upcoming season.

One of the most highly sought-after recruits is Josh Myers, a 6’5″ 290-pound offensive tackle from Miamisburg High School in Ohio. Myers is considered one of the best offensive linemen in his class and has already committed to play for Ohio State. His size and strength make him an ideal addition to the Buckeyes’ offensive line. Which will be looking to dominate opponents this season.

Insight into the coaches’ strategies and tactics for attracting top talent

Ohio State Football has always been one of the most renowned college football programs in the country. Attracting top talent from all across America. However, with competition for these players increasing every year. It’s become crucial for Ohio State’s coaches to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their recruitment strategies and tactics.

One key strategy implemented by Ohio State’s coaches is building strong relationships with high school coaches and counselors. By establishing trust and rapport with these individuals. Ohio State’s coaching staff can not only gain valuable insights into a prospect’s character and work ethic but also get an early jump on recruiting before other colleges do.

Another tactic used by Ohio State is making sure that its facilities are among the best in college football. Whether it be state-of-the-art weight rooms or practice fields that mimic game-day conditions. Having top-notch facilities can make a significant difference in a recruit’s decision-making process.

Summary of the Impact of the 2017 recruiting class on Ohio State Football and its future success

The Ohio State Buckeyes football program is one of the most successful college football teams in history. Their recent success is attributed to their outstanding recruiting classes, including the 2017 class. This class was ranked second in the nation and included some of the top recruits in the country. The impact of this recruiting class on Ohio State football has been significant. It expects to continue for years to come.

One of the key members of this 2017 recruiting class was quarterback Tate Martell. Who highly touted prospect out of Las Vegas? Although he didn’t see much playing time during his tenure at Ohio State. He provided depth at the quarterback position and helped push other players to perform at a higher level. Another standout from this class was defensive end, Chase Young. Who quickly became one of the best pass rushers in college football.


Ohio State Football has had a successful recruiting season thus far in 2017. The Buckeyes have secured commitments from several top prospects, including Emory Jones and Jaelen Gill. Head Coach Urban Meyer and his staff have shown once again why they consider some of the best recruiters in college football. With the additions they’ve made, the Buckeyes will be a force to be reckoned with on the field in the coming years. Ohio State fans can look forward to an exciting future for their team, both on and off the field. As they continue to build a winning program. Go Bucks!

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